Kingdom Food Group (KFG) is a Food & Beverage Operator in Singapore, focused on offering unique and affordable buffet concepts. We currently own six restaurants across different parts of Singapore.

Kingdom Food Group (KFG) is a leading Food & Beverage Operator in Singapore, dedicated to delivering exceptional and affordable buffet concepts, including Korean BBQ and hotpot. With a portfolio of six renowned restaurants strategically located across Singapore, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry.

At KFG, we are guided by a team of resourceful and creative individuals, each bringing vast experiences and diverse expertise from the retail industry. Our philosophy centers around providing high-quality food in welcoming restaurant atmospheres, all at affordable prices that make it accessible for everyone to enjoy. In essence, we strive to offer the best value-for-money dining experiences.

Since our inception in 2014, when we achieved tremendous success with our first venture, I’m Kim Korean BBQ, located in the iconic School of the Arts (SOTA) building, we have consistently expanded our presence in the Food and Beverage industry. I’m Kim Korean BBQ has gained wide acclaim among both locals and tourists, renowned for its exceptional food quality and affordability. Building on this success, we introduced five more restaurants between 2016 and 2021, all featuring enticing all-you-can-eat buffet concepts. This includes GoroGoro Steamboat, the pioneering hotpot restaurant in Singapore with a delightful Korean twist, as well as Captain Kim, offering a halal-certified Korean BBQ and hotpot experience.

At KFG, we are dedicated to our customers and continuously strive for improvement. We are committed to delivering the finest dining experiences and upholding the highest standards of quality across all our restaurants. As we grow and evolve, our valued customers remain at the heart of everything we do. Choose Kingdom Food Group for unforgettable culinary adventures, exceptional value, and a commitment to excellence in affordable buffet Korean BBQ and hotpot restaurants in Singapore.