Kingdom Food Group (KFG) is a Food & Beverage Operator in Singapore, focused on offering unique and affordable buffet concepts. We currently own six restaurants across different parts of Singapore.

KFG is helmed by a team of resourceful and creative individuals with vast experiences in the retail industry and having diverse expertise. Its philosophy is to offer good quality food in friendly restaurant atmospheres at affordable prices for all to enjoy. In a simple phrase, best value for money.

The group is constantly expanding since its first wildly successful venture into the Food and Beverage industry in 2014, personified as I’m Kim Korean BBQ in the iconic building of School of the Arts (SOTA). Since then, I’m Kim has gained wide traction among both locals and tourists, establishing a reputation of great food quality and affordability. Riding on its success, KFG went on to open five more restaurants in 2016-2020, including GoroGoro Steamboat, the first hotpot in Singapore with a Korean twist – all offering all-you-can-eat buffet concepts.

KFG strives to stay committed, constantly seek improvement and deliver the best to our valued customers.

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