Since most Korean dishes contains pork. it may be tough for our Muslim friends to enjoy the cuisine. In this episode of Eatbook Vlogs, Zhin and Fauzi will bring you on a halal Korean food tour in Singapore!

I’m Kim Korean BBQ is a Korean buffet restaurant at the Singapore School Of The Arts (SOTA). The concept of the restaurant is pretty straightforward – pick from a selection of cooked food, soups, condiments, meats, drinks and more…


Eatbook Top 50 Awards 2018

Best Buffet: Captain Kim KBBQ

TimeOut Love Singapore Contest 2018

Runner-Up for 2nd Most Loved Local Restaurant: GoroGoro Steamboat

Best In Singapore

Top 7 Best Korean Restaurants in Singapore: I’m Kim Korean BBQ

Certificate of Excellence awarded by Tripadvisor

I’m Kim Korean BBQ: 2016-2019

GoroGoro Steamboat: 2018-2019

Hungrygowhere Eat-lections 2020: Top 10 Favourite Restaurant in each Zone

East: Captain Kim KBBQ, GoroGoro Steamboat (Tampines 1)

Central: GoroGoro Steamboat (The Centrepoint), I’m Kim Korean BBQ

North-East: I’m Kim KBBQ & Shabu Shabu (AMK Hub)

Best In Singapore

Best Buffet Places in Singapore: I’m Kim Korean BBQ (SOTA)

13 Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore: Captain Kim KBBQ

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