Last update on 30 November 2019

This KFG Membership Program is operated by Kingdom Food Holding Pte Ltd (“Kingdom Food Group “). Anyone who participates in the KFG Membership Program hereby confirms that he/she agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein below and as may be amended by Kingdom Food Group from time to time.

Please read the Kingdom Food Group Privacy Policy Statement carefully to understand how Kingdom Food Group collects, uses and discloses personal information in connection with the KFG Membership Program.

KFG Membership Application:

Applicant can register for KFG membership via the KFG Member portal (kingdomfood-membership.jarcrm.io) with a valid Singapore registered mobile number and valid email address at the “Sign Up” section. Each mobile number and email address can be registered once only.

The applicant must be aged Eighteen (18) years or older. Each person may apply for one KFG Membership Program account only (“KFG Member’s Account”). In order to apply for a KFG Member’s Account, the applicant must complete all mandatory fields in the application form in full and provide true and accurate information. Kingdom Food Group will not process any incomplete or inaccurate application and reserves the right to decline any application for a KFG Member’s Account at its sole discretion and without the need to give any reason. The KFG Membership does not have an expiry date.

Responsibilities of KFG Members:
Member is solely responsible for the safe keeping of his/her KFG Member’s Account details and password and shall not disclose or divulge such information to any third party.

Kingdom Food Group is not liable for any loss or damages suffered by the Member arising from the loss, theft or use of his/her KFG Member’s ID or password.
If there is any suspicious or irregular activity or transaction relating to his/her KFG Member’s Account, please write in to marcom@kvc.sg.

Each Member is responsible for keeping Kingdom Food Group updated on their correct mobile phone number and email address. Kingdom Food Group is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of the Member’s failure to notify Kingdom Food Group of any change of mobile phone number and email address.

The Member may terminate his/her membership by giving Kingdom Food Group seven (7) working days’ prior written notice. All unused points, rewards and privileges will then be void and his/her membership will be terminated.

In the event of any breach of the Terms and Conditions of the KFG Membership Program, or the use of the KFG Member’s Account is unauthorized or arises from any act of misconduct (unlawful, fraudulent or otherwise), Kingdom Food Group has the right to stop one’s participation in the KFG Membership Program and/or immediately terminate one’s KFG membership or his/her application (with or without notice). Kingdom Food Group will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting therefrom. Kingdom Food Group further reserves the right to take any action for recovery of any losses suffered by Kingdom Food Group as a result of the breach of the Terms and Conditions of KFG Membership Program and/or abuse of the KFG Member’s Account.

Points Accumulation:
The KFG Member ID (i.e. the barcode in the Member portal) or mobile number must be presented upon payment to record the transaction. The entire transaction will be recorded on one (1) KFG Member’s Account only. No transaction will be recorded in any KFG Member’s Account after payment under any circumstances.

Member will earn 1 point for every $1 spent, excluding discount or any payment using cash voucher. Points earned will expire 1 year from the date of point issuance. No extension will be allowed once the points have expired.

Usage of Points:
Members can use their earned points to redeem for cash vouchers or other rewards listed on KFG Member Portal Rewards Catalog.

Kingdom Food Group reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions of KFG Membership Program or substitute or revoke any rights and/or privilege without prior notice. All changes or amendments are effective once announced on the Kingdom Food website. All KFG Members shall regularly check whether the Terms and Conditions of KFG Membership Program has been modified or any rights and/or privilege has been substituted or revoked.

Kingdom Food Group reserves the right to terminate the KFG Membership Program and/or its operation at its sole discretion at any time with reasonable notice. All rights and/or privileges of a Member shall cease upon termination and KFG will not be liable for any loss or damages resulting therefrom and/or in connection therewith.

Not every Member will be eligible to participate in all promotions and Kingdom Foodi Group may from time to time impose other limitations on his/her participation in any promotion. The Member taking part in any promotion shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the applicable terms and conditions which may be imposed by Kingdom Food Group in relation to such promotion.

All personal information collected under the KFG Membership Program shall be managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy Statement of Kingdom Food Group. Any request to amend a Member’s personal information can be made in writing to Kingdom Food Group at marcom@kvc.sg. Alternatively, Members can self-serve using the “update profile” function on KFG Member portal.

In the event of any dispute arising from KFG Points, the KFG Member’s Account and/or the KFG Membership Program, Kingdom Food Group shall be the sole and final arbiter of such dispute and its decision shall be final and binding on the Member.

A Member’s use of his/her KFG Member’s Account is deemed to be an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the KFG Membership Program.

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Last update on 30 November 2019

Kingdom Food Holding Pte. Ltd. (“Kingdom Food Group”) recognizes the importance of your privacy. This privacy policy statement (“Privacy Statement”) explains how your information, including personal data as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (collectively, “Personal Information”) is collected, used and disclosed by Kingdom Food Group, including, through the Website (as defined below), the KFG Member Portal and in our physical stores. 

 Please read this Privacy Statement carefully.

By accessing or utilizing services on www.kingdomfood.sg or its Facebook page or any of its social media platform sites (collectively, “Website”) or the Application or at our stores or participate in the KFG Membership Program (collectively, the “Kingdom Food Group Services”), it means that you have accepted all the terms of this Privacy Statement and have provided the Personal Information voluntarily. If you complete any form(s) via the Application, after you have completed the form and pressed the button “submit”, it indicates that you have read and understood this Privacy Statement and agree to how Personal Information are collected and used as provided in this Privacy Statement. If you are unwilling to be bound by all or any of the following terms, please do not use or cease your access to the Website and/or the Application. If you continue to use the Kingdom Food Group Services or you have subscribed to our contact/mailing list (or have not unsubscribed, where applicable), it indicates that you have read and understood this Privacy Statement and agree to how your Personal Information is and will be collected, used and disclosed as provided in this Privacy Statement. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you authorise Kingdom Food Group to transmit any Personal Information outside of Singapore in the manner and for the purposes described in this Privacy Statement.

Kingdom Food Group reserves the right to change or modify the contents of this Website or the Application at any time and unilaterally change any terms of this Privacy Statement without prior notification. You should regularly check whether this Privacy Statement has been modified via this Website or the Application, as your continued use of the Kingdom Food Group Services indicates your acceptance of any change to this Privacy Statement. However, if the modification might materially affect the way we use or disclose your Personal Information, we will notify you of such modified version of the Privacy Statement. “You” and “user” refer to any person who accesses the Website or the Application or use the Kingdom Food Group Services for any reason.

1. What Personal Information does Kingdom Food Group collect?

Personal Information that may be collected by Kingdom Food Group may include:

  • Name, postal address, phone number, email address, your Facebook ID and/or other IDs on social media platforms.

We may also collect information about you such as:

  • If you apply and/or participate in the KFG Membership Program – your name, gender, date of birth, KFG Member’s Account username, KFG Member’s Account password, email address, phone number, contact preferences and other information in connection with the KFG Membership Program (for example, the amount you spent at Kingdom Food Group, your reward points, your membership details etc).
  • If you dine at our stores, purchase takeaways or otherwise – what you buy, where you buy, how frequently you buy.
  • If you take a survey, make enquiries or interact with us in various other ways – demographics information, your comments, feedback, questions or suggestions, your contact details and information about subjects that may interest you or that may be the subject matter of your enquiry/interaction.
  • (i) aggregated data or anonymized data that does not directly identify you or (ii) data about you that is publicly available.

We may combine information we collect about you with information we receive from third parties.

2. How does Kingdom Food Group use Personal Information?

Kingdom Food Group may use any and all of the Personal Information about you for the following purposes (and any other purposes related to such purposes):

  • for verification of identity and record, matching your Personal Information with other information you provided to us via other means;
  • for displaying on the relevant portal when you use the Website, the Application, the Internet and other channels in managing your Personal Information;
  • for communicating with you and sending the relevant information to you in relation to your consumption/ purchases, the status regarding your participation in Kingdom Food Group’s activities and information regarding the exclusive promotional discounts as offered to you;
  • for communicating with you in connection with the KFG Membership Program (such as your membership status, rewards and points etc.) and for facilitating the daily operation of your KFG Member’s Account;
  • for communicating with you about our brands, products, events or other promotional purposes, including co-branded offers and affiliate and partner offers;
  • for storing communication contacting details;
  • for generating survey on user traffic on this Website and/or the Application;
  • for processing of your orders and service requests;
  • for implementing your request, responding to your enquiries or those made in your name, and providing efficient and responsive service;
  • where applicable, for collecting payment, processing of any payment instructions and direct debit fees; and for internal monitoring, including calculating any amount you should receive or owe, making payment to or requesting payment from you, and collecting any fees or enforcing guarantee granted to or granted by the relevant user; and
  • for providing you with direct marketing communications in accordance with the relevant section below.

3. Direct marketing and Mailing List

You agree that after you have provided your personal verifiable Personal Information, including your name, telephone number and email address to Kingdom Food Group, you may from time to time receive telephone calls, SMS and emails containing direct marketing information on offers and promotions in relation to food and beverage and catering services provided by Kingdom Food Group, its affiliated companies and business partners in joint promotions. In the event of joint promotion, the details of the joint promotion will be sent either by Kingdom Food Group or its designated communications service provider but not by the joint promotion partner.

If you do not wish to receive any such direct marketing communications, whether or not you have consented to Kingdom Food Group providing you such information, please inform us in writing as described in the “Contact Us” section below.

If you opt-out of or unsubscribe the receiving of advertising, marketing and promotional communications from Kingdom Food Group, Kingdom Food Group may still send you non-promotional communications such as emails about your KFG Member’s Account or membership matters.

Please note that withdrawing consent does not affect our right to continue to collect, use and disclose Personal Information where such collection, use and disclosure without consent is permitted or required under applicable laws.

4. Retention, storage and disclosure of Personal Information

You acknowledge, agree and authorize us to retain and store the Personal Information you provided in one or more databases of Kingdom Food Group (or its service provider) within or outside Singapore, and to provide, disclose, allow access and transfer such Personal Information to:

  • any employee of Kingdom Food Group and its affiliated companies who are authorized to handle such Personal Information for the purposes for which such Personal Information are collected;
  • any contractor or agent which provides administrative, telecommunication, computer, payment, insurance, professional or other services to Kingdom Food Group and is engaged by Kingdom Food Group for the purposes for which such Personal Information are collected or relevant to the purposes for which such Personal Information are collected;
  • anyone that Kingdom Food Group has to make disclosure to in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws, administrative policies or regulations; and/or
  • anyone who reasonably requires Kingdom Food Group to make disclosure in order that Kingdom Food Group can implement the purposes listed in this Privacy Statement.

You agree that Kingdom Food Group disclose your Personal Information in the following reasonable and necessary circumstances:

  • in compliance with relevant laws, directives of relevant governmental bodies and court orders;
  • to enforce, execute or implement any terms of use relating to your use of the Website, the Application or any services provided by Kingdom Food Group (including the Kingdom Food Group Services);
  • to protect the rights, properties, safety or interests of Kingdom Food Group, its affiliated companies, employees, agents, customers and users; or
  • in compliance with this Privacy Statement.

Kingdom Food Group specifically states herein that it has not and will not sell your Personal Information. Kingdom Food Group also will not provide, disclose, allow access and transfer your Personal Information to any third party other than the above without your prior written approval.

5. Security of Personal Information

Kingdom Food Group takes reasonable steps to maintain appropriate physical, technical and administrative security to help prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure or modification of Personal Information.

Where Kingdom Food Group provides and/or transfers any Personal Information that it collects from you to its parent, subsidiary, associated and affiliated companies, or to any agent, contractor or third party service provider, located outside of Singapore, Kingdom Food Group confirms that any of the above-mentioned parties to whom your Personal Information is disclosed or transferred are, or shall be bound by legally enforceable obligations to provide a standard of protection to Personal Information comparable to the standard of protection as set out in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and Kingdom Food Group will use its best endeavours to ensure that each such party maintains appropriate physical, technical and organizational security measures to protect your Personal Information against tampering and unauthorized access by third parties.

While Kingdom Food Group uses reasonable efforts to protect Personal Information in its possession or under its control, the transmission of data (including Personal Information) over the Internet or any other public network may be subject to loss, interception and misuse.

You must be clear that Kingdom Food Group advertisers or any website or social media platform with links to this Website and/or Application may collect your Personal Information. You must read the relevant privacy statement carefully and agree to such privacy statement before you provide your Personal Information to them. Kingdom Food Group will not have any responsibility in relation to you providing your Personal Information to any third party. If Kingdom Food Group receives relevant Personal Information from a third party, it will retain the information in the usual strict secured and confidential standards.

6. Accessing, amending or deleting of Personal Information

If you wish to obtain a copy of the Personal Information which we hold about you, please submit your written request as described in the “Contact Us” section below. Please note that a reasonable fee may be charged for an access request. We will inform you of the fee (if any) before processing your request.

If you want to change or delete other Personal Information, please contact us as described in the “Contact Us” section below. We will make every reasonable effort to promptly respond to your request.

7. Cookies and third-party applications

Kingdom Food Group may use cookies on this Website. Cookies is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a Web page server. Cookies is not designed to use for or intended to use for accessing any information (except for the information on the cookies) of the user’s computer. On the contrary, it is an identifier placed on your hard disk. Cookies contain information that can later be searched by the same Web page server to identify a particular computer and cater for the use of the user and allow monitor and management of such use according to the information stored by that server. Therefore, cookies only provide to the website the information on the user’s computer and the website can link up such information of the cookies with other information such as personal identifier information.

Similarly, Kingdom Food Group may use third-party applications in the Application. The purpose for this Website and the Application to use cookies or third-party applications is to allow automation on signing in and registration of information so that you are linked to the information for online purchase when you make purchase (if any) using this Website and/or the Application, to adjust this Website and/or the Application to your preferences or to personalize promotion or marketing. In addition, use of cookies or third-party applications may allow Kingdom Food Group to track the use of this Website and the Application to determine what content is useful or popular so that Kingdom Food Group can effectively develop and improve this Website and the Application. You can modify your web browser on the use of cookies so that it will send you warning or you can decline acceptance of cookies. Please note this Website may not function normally or permit your signing in if you choose to decline acceptance of cookies.

8. Use of Web Beacons

Kingdom Food Group may use Web beacons on this Website or other websites and allow third party to place Web beacons on this Website to monitor the effectiveness of promotion or other legal purposes. Web beacons are also called web crawler. It is an object that is embedded in a web page or email which allows checking by website owner or a third party on whether a user has viewed the page or email. It is usually invisible to the user as its size is generally very small (1×1 gif) and has the same colour as the web page, document or email. Web beacons are identified as HTML IMG on web pages. Users can click on the information option on the web page to find out whether Web beacons are used on the web page. Web beacons can link to personal information. For example, advertising network uses web beacons to add on personal information the web pages a person visited and based on such information to add a particular kind of advertising bars. Web beacons can also be used to independently track the number of people visiting the web site.

9. Links to third parties’ websites or applications

Please note that Kingdom Food Group may provide links to third parties’ websites or applications as a service to users or acknowledgement of the applications. Kingdom Food Group is not responsible for the contents on such web pages or third-party applications or how information is collected on such web pages and third-party applications. Kingdom Food Group strongly recommends you to read and understand the privacy statements of any such third parties’ website and/or applications and you shall voluntarily submit any information to them only if you agree to such privacy statements.

10. Contact Us

We welcome your questions, comments and concerns about privacy policy. You may contact us at:

Email: marcom@kvc.sg

© Kingdom Food Group Pte Ltd